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Das Boot - Submarines 29/04-01/05/2022

Das Boot -Submarines Trip 16-18/04/2021A three-day trip to Germany, during which we will go on board 6 submarines plus several surface ships and see a lot of exhibitions in several maritime museums in Germany. We will spend time in an intimate group, in the company of passionate and military-loving people from all over Poland... Cool and relaxed atmosphere is a trademark of trips with me.

Date: 29/04-01/05/2022
Price Included:

Price includes: Transport by air-conditioned minibus, accommodation in fully equipped private accommodation with kitchen etc., interesting factual materials prepared for you, travel insurance, entrance tickets to all museums.Food on your own, I recommend that you take with you what you like best.

Trip Programme:

Day 1:

U-461 Soviet submarine ofthe Juliett class (Peenemünde)

HMS OTUS British Oberon submarine (Rugen Island)

U-11 German submarine type 205 -NATO S-190 (Fehrman)

Day 2:

U-995 German submarine type VIIC/41 & Naval Memorial (Laboe)

U-434 Soviet B-515 class Tango submarine International Maritime Museum (Hamburg)

Day 3:

U-2540 Wilhelm Bauer German Type XXI submarine German Maritime Museum (Wilhelmshaven)

German Maritime Museum (Bremerhaven)

The Naval Museums include several other surface ships and dozens of exhibitions, which we will see in Hamburg in addition to Flakturm IV and VI


1 650 PLN

Deposit PLN 400 paid after establishing the list of willing participants, 30 days or less before the planned departure.

Intimate group of 6 to 8 people.

A group of people signed up for the trip will be created on Facebook where I will share all the information related to the trip with you, such as photos and our accommodation, etc. Departure from Warsaw around 3A.M, people from the capital will be picked up from home. If you are interested, I can pick you up on my way from Warsaw via Łódź and Wrocław.

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone +48505450426 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is important is that my travel agency is up to date:

  • Certificate of entry into the Register of Tour Operators and Tourist Agents of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship under no. 2371
  • Document of bank or insurance guarantee contract or insurance for clients issued by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa Spółka Akcyjna under No GT 15/2021
  • prepared individual contract for each of the trip particip