Strefa Bojowa Military Expeditions in Europe


First few words about me. I'm Marcin Wątroba - fan of militaria and military history. For several years I have been running Facebook fanpage where I share with you photo reports from my numerous travels across military Europe.

For each trip I prepare myself by spending dozens of hours on reading books from my "sizeable" library, analyzing maps and documents as well as information from various interesting historical-military groups. I always put a lot of my heart and energy to make every trip to the highest level. This is my passion to which I devote a lot of time and finally the day came when I decided to "infect" other people with it.

You will ask what is so special about my project?

  • each tour is a careful selection of the best museums related to the region/battles we are visiting
  • air/ armored shows at the highest European level
  • interesting text and photographic material presented during the trip
  • "ghost"/"then and now" learning about history in a completely unique way, places of local battles where we compare archival sites and current locationsand all this is supplemented with a short history connected with a visting place and the units fighting there
  • hundreds of tons of concrete and steel that is fortifications and battle shelters, which we will see outside and underground
  • professional photos,which I am happy to share with the participants, so each of you will have a unique souvenir
  • thanks to numerous acquaintances there are always surprises waiting for you and behind-the-scenes "entrances" inaccessible to regular visitors
  • I often use the services of local guides whose passion and knowledge often goes beyond any "norms".

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Strefa Bojowa is :

  • a licensed travel agency with all licenses and insurance
  • logistics at the highest level, so there is always time for quiet sightseeing or a hot meal on the road, your comfort is most important to me
  • flexibility during trips, we can always together change the schedule and see additional places during the trip \
  • small groups of 4 to 8 people are enthusiasts from all over Europe, where there is a cool and friendly atmosphere
  • trips are individually prepared for you, if you have an interesting idea share it with me and we will surely create a unique trip according to your guidelines
  • each trip is a complete service including transport, accommodation, entrance fees to all places on the schedule and travel insurance, only food is on the participant's side
  • affordable offer available for everyone
  • contract for each participant of the trip
  • for those interested I have available parking spaces in Warsaw, from where we always drive to conquer Europe
  • interesting guests

My motto in life is:

"It is worth meeting people with passion in life. Passion that not only inspires but also helps to live, making our life a much more interesting experience". Zbigniew Kiełb

I invite you to participate in trips organized by my travel agency. Is it worth it? Look for more info in the "Trips"

Best regards Marcin Wątroba
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